SysFactor provides a number of support services, including business automation, information security, training, cloud integration, infrastructure, networking and system support services.

Projects are quoted on a case by case basis. Please reach out to us at for a free consultation.

SysFactor provides ongoing support for our service offerings on an hourly or retainer basis. Tier 1 support is $75 hourly and Tier 2 is $150.

Tier 1 support includes some infrastructure maintenance, domain and user account management, as well as desktop support related activities such as system cleaning, software installing and simple troubleshooting support. Tier 2 includes application specific support services, usually supporting SysFactor projects and solutions, though support may be available for other specific needs on a case by case basis. Please reach out to for our more detailed and up-to-date capabilities statement.

Please refer to the table below for a breakdown of our hourly and retainer rates. Each hour represents one Tier 2 hour or two Tier 1 hours. Therefore, Plan 3 can, for example, afford up to 60 Tier 1 hours, depending on how many Tier 2 hours are used.

OptionsTier 2 Hours (Tier 1 = 0.5)Hourly RatePrice
Plan 110$105$1,050
Plan 220$90$1,800
Plan 330$75$2,250

  • Retainers must be pre-paid in order to get the discount. 
  • Normal service rates will be charged until the retainer is paid. Once the retainer is paid, the discounted rate will only be applied to hours worked after the payment has been received.
  • The time spent per service call will be deducted from the amount of hours remaining. 
  • Service, remote support and consulting time (unless a free initial consultation is being provided) will be deducted from the retainer at the discounted hourly rate. 
  • Travel time will be deducted at 3/4 of the hourly rate for onsite services performed out side of the local service area. Normal travel time is $75 / hour round trip. 
  • Time will be tracked by SysFactor LLC and a statement of hours used and time remaining will be sent to the customer following completed service calls. 
  • When hours are depleted to a low level the customer will be notified. 
  • The customer may buy more hours at any date and need not wait until the retainer is depleted. 
  • Hours must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase. 
  • There will be no refund or credit for expired hours. 
  • In the case of multiple retainers, the hours from the first retainer will be used first. 
  • Regular service will be done Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. based on availability. 
  • If not available at the time of the call an appointment for the next available opening will be booked. Other hours may be arranged. 
  • An additional 1/2 hour, per hour, will be charged for off-hours service / support calls. This addition will be to the customer’s current service / support rate. 
  • SysFactor LLC reserves the right to keep track of the official time spent per service call.
  • Parts are not included with this service / support retainer. 
  • Parts may not always be needed therefore parts will be billed separately on an as needed basis. 
  • SysFactor LLC reserves the right to determine when and what parts may be needed for a particular job. 
  • SysFactor LLC will advise the customer of parts needed and their costs before replacing any parts.